Your Everyday Digital Wallet.

We are focused on banking the unbanked, and providing a
time-saving and cost-efficient banking product.

Payment Solutions

Afridig has partnered with different retailers, financial institutions and micro enterprises to create multiple deposit and withdrawal channels for your convenience.


No standing in long lines to deposit or withdraw money.

User Friendly

The person receiving funds only needs a cellphone number.


Top up or withdraw funds almost anywhere in South Africa.

Make Payments

Transfer money from your e-wallet to a recipient's phone.

Receive Money

Withdraw cash from any partner ATM, retailer or spaza shop.

Connect with People

Make sure your loved ones have what they need, wherever they are.

It's so easy!

You only need your ID number to register for your personal Wallet & you are good to go.

Our Approach

We developed Afridig wallets with three main features in mind.


A secure electronic payment tool for all South Africans everywhere.


Shop wherever you want whether online, retail, spaza or taxi ranks.


Multiple deposit and withdrawal channels that will suit you.


Our wide range of partners means that you can top up or withdraw e-wallet funds conveniently! 


You can use the funds in your Afridig E-wallet to pay at many different places! 




We know how frustrating it is waiting in line to deposit money for your loved one, or to waiting at a retailer to withdraw a cashsend voucher!

Our Services For You​

Business Wallet

Afridig Business e-wallet is suitable for businesses that operate within the informal sector. Whether you are a supplier of fresh produce or an informal trader, this wallet is designed to ensure maximum safety of your funds while minimising bank fees. Receive payments directly from your client’s wallets in real time and have them credited to your transactional account at a fraction of the cost. Save on deposit fees and security costs.


Personal Wallet

The Afridig Personal e-wallet is for your everyday transactional needs. Use it to purchase prepaid products such as airtime and electricity. Pay with your wallet at retailers and local stores. Transfer money to anyone with a cellphone even if they do not have an Afridig wallet. Purchase a voucher for as little as R5 and save your spare change for those rainy days.


This is the perfect part! You only need your ID number to register for your Afridig Personal Wallet and you can start using it straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afridig?

Afridig Wallets is a digital wallet that can be used for anything ranging from domestic money remittances to in-store purchases at major retailers or informal traders. It is banking the way it is supposed to be, without restrictions and at a fraction of the cost.

How do I send money using Afridig?

All you need when making payments through the Afridig wallet is the cellphone number of the person to whom you are sending money.

Can I send money to a bank account using the funds in my Afridig wallet?

Yes! Select the payments option on the menu screen, then select option 3 “Bank Account” in the sub-menu. Choose the bank you want to pay from the list of participating banks, enter the account number, account type and amount you want to pay. Payments to new accounts will be processed after 30 minutes. This is to allow you to double check and change any errors you might have made. Previously paid accounts will be credited in real-time.

How do I pay an informal trader using my Afridig e-wallet?

All you need is the trader’s cellphone number. Select option 2 on the payments sub-menu, and voila, payment complete!

How do I request a statement for my e-wallet?

You can download 30-90 day PDF statements for your wallet by selecting the transaction history option on the Whatsapp menu and then the download option in the sub-menu. You can also view the last 10 transactions on your Afridig wallet by selecting the transaction history option via the USSD string.

How do I transfer funds from my Afridig Business wallet to my bank account?

Select option 5 on the menu “Transfer”. You will be taken to the sub-menu where you will select a participating bank and then enter your bank account number and account type. Once you are done, you will then enter the amount you want to transfer out. A WhatsApp message or SMS will be sent to your cellphone with the newly captured banking details. Payments to new bank accounts will be processed after 12 hours so you can change the details if they have been captured incorrectly. If you have made payment to an account before, then transfers to participating banks are credited in real-time.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by dialling *120*3341#, you will be asked to enter your ID Number and your 5 digit PIN and just like that, you are good to go!

How do I top up my Afridig e-wallet?

Purchase a voucher from any vendor that sells prepaid products and top up your wallet. You can also transfer funds directly from your bank account into your e-wallet. If you use any of the following banks Capitec Bank, FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA and Nedbank your funds should reflect in your wallet immediately. Please use your ID number as reference when topping up your wallet via EFT.

How do I make purchases using my Afridig wallet?

At a retailer, access your e-wallet by USSD or Whatsapp, select option 1 “Pay” a sub-menu will appear prompting you to either pay 1 “Till-point” 2. “Cellphone” 3. “Bank Account”, select option 1 and a 4 digit OTP will be generated. The cashier will ask for your cellphone number and OTP. Please remember that this OTP will expire after 2 minutes. For added security a push notification will be sent to your cellphone after the cashier has captured your OTP, select 1 on the notification and you are good to go!

How do I FICA my Afridig Premium or Business Wallet?

If you are an individual or business and you expect your wallet to receive more than R25 000-00 per month, your wallet must be FICA compliant. To FICA your wallet send us a WhatsApp and you will be asked to either take a picture of yourself or of your ID/Driver’s license. This will be verified against databases of our third-party service providers. Communication between us and our service providers is transmitted over a secure encrypted network and all information shared is compliant with relevant POPI laws.

How long does it take get successfully FICA’d? What happens if my FICA verification fails?

The FICA process takes between 5-7 minutes and you will receive an SMS or WhatsApp informing you of your compliance status. Should we fail to verify your FICA documents, no worries! You will be asked to email us certified copies of your ID and proof residence to and we will assist you with getting successfully FICA’d within 2 business days!

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